Begin Again ♥

Hey girlies,

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog.  As you know, my main blog now is XOXO The Pretty Committee.  And I haven’t been posting much on this blog as I used to use this for both my own blogging and the Clique posts.  But now, as they are all moved to my new blog.  I wasn’t exactly sure what to do on this one.

Don’t worry.  I am definitely not saying goodbye to this one.  But I am starting over.  New address, new pages, new makeover.  If you are already following this blog, you will automatically be following my new blog.  I can’t promise that I will have a strict posting schedule, but it’s a new year and it’s all about beginning again.  Fairygirl11952 will still be up as a reminder of what I have done over the past two years, but will (most likely) not be further edited.

This time, I will be posting as myself.  Not as Massie, or any other character.  Just myself.  What I am feeling, thoughts, hopes, dreams…

BTW, if your email got bombarded with email notifications from my old posts, sorry about that, I was moving my posts around.

My new blog is: XOXO Love Natalie

I hope that everyone will understand and support my decision.

Signing off for (I think) the last time on this blog…

I heart u! 2.1


Bass and Malik

Hey girlies,

So here again, is a birthday post.  Wow, it really seems like I’m not doing much on here except birthday posts.  Maybe I’ll change that over to my new blog.  But for now, this will stay here.  So from the title, you will probably guess who the belated birthday post is to.  Yes, that’s right.  Zayn Malik (One Direction) and Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl), and yes I know that Chuck is a fictional character, but hey…it’s Chuck Bass, and you’re talking to a major gossip girl fan.

So this post is dedicated to them.  I would just like to say congrats to Zayn on his engagement to Perrie Edwards, and also yay to Chuck for marrying Blair 🙂

So here’s Zayn’s little montage:

GoldSeparator-300x99 copy


Now for Chuck Bass…

I heart u! 1.3

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Just to end things off with a quote…

Merry Christmas to You and Louis…

Hey girlies,

OK, I know I am terrible right now with these posts and this would be the first in like 3 months.  But I am seriously like taking a long non-announced hiatus (well now it’s announced) but there is something to say today.  And again, if you remember my post from exactly a year ago, you’ll know what today is.  Yes, of course, Christmas Eve, but it’s also something else…  It’s LOUIS’ BIRTHDAY!

Happy 22nd Birthday Louis!!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I heart u! 1.3

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New Year, New Niall

Hey girlies,

I know, I know.  It seems like I only have time right now for these very short birthday posts, but I promise I’ll get posts up as soon as I can.  But here is a sneak peek at the theme:  M_  M_ _ ts  f_r  En_ _ _ tai_ _ _ _t.  Now on a very light but not really note!  I know it’s Friday the 13th (:O Black Friday!) and I really feel bad for this guy, as it’s his birthday.  I’m sure someone out there knows what I’m talking about right 😉  But if you don’t know who’s birthday it is.  It’s………NIALL’S!!!

Happy 20th Birthday Niall!!!

Love you Niall!

I heart u! 1.2

It’s Been a Year Liam! ♥

Hey girlies,

Sorry I have been MIA (I know I say that a lot, but I really mean it), but I’m here to tell you that it is a very special day today!  If you read my post from this exact day a year ago, you’ll know that it’s LIAM’S BIRTHDAY!!!

Happy 20th Birthday Liam Payne!!!

We love you Liam!

I heart u! 1.2

P.S. please check out my other blog xoxotheprettycommittee!

Little Update (again…)

Hey girlies,

EMG!!!!!!! I am so sorry!!! I know it’s been like 5 weeks!  I’ve had summer holidays for 3 weeks already, but………no internet.  Until now!!! So I finally have access to WordPress!  And I can finally get to work on that new blog 😉

Anyways thanks for your patience!

I heart u! 1.2

Little Update!

Hey girlies,

Ok so this is just a little update about something that is going to happen soon!  I have decided to open xoxotheprettycommittee!!!  It is still under renovation, so if you do go onto it, don’t be surprised if it is completely empty and blank, cuz it’s not done.  That is my little update but I will def tell you when it is fully completed!

I heart u!


Hey girlies,

EMG!  I can’t believe that it’s May already!!!  I mean seriously, it’s like a month after spring break already!  Anyways, song wise, if you don’t recognize the name Mitchel Musso, you really should as he plays Oliver Oken in Hannah Montana. But I seriously love his songs!  They are ah-mazing.  So his first song is up there for you to listen to 🙂

This post is dedicated to the May trends!  But after that, I have a very serious question to ask you, so keep reading!


So I mean as the weather gets hotter, you definitely need something to wear to the beach.  What better way than a cute bikini!  I always love a coral and white striped bikini!  It looks ah-mazing!

There is also a super cute bikini from H&M.  The top is white with brown and aqua florals and I mixed and matched the bottom which is this tiffany blue colored.  I think that it is ah-dorable!  It’s like my fave bikini so far.


So a trend  is stripes.  Stripes are very summery as it gives the ocean, nautical feel.  And I mean stripes are a classic pattern!  They will probably never really be out of style.  Striped tops and shorts are definitely ah-dorable!  I heart them!


So this isn’t necessarily a trend for this month, but I am always wearing white tops.  It’s like a fresh look and it can go with everything as well.  I totes heart this look, I mean I know that it is seriously a basic look, but you can dress it up super easily with a skirt and a pair of heels or dress it down with a sweater and jeans.

GoldSeparator-300x99I love that black and white are trending right now!  It can be very sophisticated, girly, fun, casual or any style you like.  It can go well with everything as well.  There is this really cute dress in Jane by Design which is a white dress with a black striped pattern, and black and white look super fun with yellow!



Well that is pretty much for trends.  I know that it isn’t much but it is the transition between spring and summer so the spring trends are still in place and the summer trends haven’t really come to the front, so there isn’t really that much.

But I have a very important question for you.  I was thinking about creating a new blog to separate my real life blogging and my clique stories.  I was thinking about maybe xoxotheprettycommittee.  What do you think?


So that ends this post!

I heart u!


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I’ve Been Watching You All Night ♥

Hey girlies,

EMG!  TGIF!!! I have been so busy these past few weeks.  Tests and projects are all happening 😦  But this is not the point.  The point is that I can start my new Clique post!!!  So here we go!


Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 12.03.41 AM

Massie Block watched from her bedroom window as the guests started to trickle into the Block’s olympic sized ballroom.  Everyone dressed in colorful dresses and crisp shirts.

“C’mon girlies, the guests are here.   We have to make our entrance.” Massie instructed the Pretty Committee as she turned away from the window, directing her attention to the girls putting on the final touches to their outfits.  “This is a very special party as well.”

“Why is that?” Kristen asked as she swiped on some lip gloss.

“Because Kris, we are going to find a new boyfriend for you.” Massie smiled and laughed.  Kristen smiled back, but with a hint of doubt in her eyes.

“This is going to be ah-mazing!” Alicia squealed as she fixed her perfect curls.

“Given!” Dylan responded as she put on her heels.

“Are we all set?” Massie asked the girls as she headed for the door.  The guys just texted her saying that they had arrived.

“Totes.” Everyone said as they gathered their things and walked to the door.

Massie's Easter Party
Alicia's Easter Party
Dylan's Easter Party
Kristen's Easter Party
Claire's Easter Party
Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 10.38.29 PM

“Okay remember, our mission for today is to find the right guy for Kris.” Massie said outside of the ballroom door.  “Keep on the lookout for the perfect guy.  Knowing Kris, he has to be sporty, so check out if he has muscles.  And he has to be a H.A.R.T.”

“Given!” Kristen giggled.

“On three, and we make our grand entrance.” Massie instructed.  “One………Two………Three!”


“EMG!!! This is ah-mazing, Mass!” Dylan gasped as she walked through the big double doors.

 Everything was in white, the tablecloth, napkins, plates, and chairs.  The silvery was polished til it shone in the light of the magnificent chandeliers.  The only pop of color in the room was the centerpieces of pastel flowers in the middle of every table with an elegant white candle.

Just then a cute boy walked past and smiled at Kristen.  She smiled back.

“EMG!  He is totes cute!” Claire giggled as she watched the boy’s back heading off towards the crowd of people that were already milling around.  “Do you know who he is?”

“I don’t know.  I’ve never seen him around before.” Kristen said puzzled.

“Well, we can always ask the guys.  They should be around here somewhere.  If he is invited to this party, he most likely goes the Briarwood, or at least ADD.” Massie said as she scanned the crowd for their boyfriends.  “Oh there they are.”

The Pretty Committee strut through the crowd, accepting compliments from the parents and friends in the room.  They finally got to where the boys were standing.

“Hey Mass.” Landon said when she tapped him on the shoulder and he pulled her into his arms.  The other boys greeted their girlfriends.  Kristen stood a bit to the side and let her friends have a bit of space.  She scanned the room for that mystery boy.

Massie saw her looking and scouted the room with her amber colored eyes.  She finally spotted him talking to a few of the parents at the far end of the ballroom.

“Hey guys, do you know who that is?” Massie asked as she pointed a freshly painted finger at the boy.

“Him? Oh yeah, we do.  At least me, Josh and Der do.  He is a new transfer to Briarwood.  He came from Boston I think.  He is called Nick Thompson.  I’m pretty sure he is talking to his parents right now.” Cam informed the girls.

“Oh that explains why we haven’t seen him before.” Dylan said.

“May I please have your attention?” Kendra Block started to say.  “Dinner is now ready to be served, please take a seat.”


Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 10.10.57 AM

Kristen looked up from her plate of salad.  She looked around her table, and then scanned the room.  Seated at her table was the Pretty Committee and their boyfriends.  They were chatting and laughing about things that happened in school.  She glanced around the room and smiled.  The Pretty Committee was definitely the best dressed at this party.   She caught someone looking at her at the corner of her eyes.  She turned her head towards that person and smiled.  It was that boy, Nick was it?  He saw that she was looking and turned away. Kristen gave a little giggle and went back to eating her food.


People finally started to get up and dance when the music came on.  The boys stood up and gave a hand to each of their girlfriends.  Kristen stayed seated.

“Come on, Kris! We can just dance as a group.” Massie said as they headed off to the dance floor.

Kristen stood up and walked with them to the middle of the dance floor.  She caught a glimpse of Nick, but she ignored him and danced away to songs that were bursting through the stereo set.


“Massie!  Girls! Come over here, I want you to meet someone.” Kendra said when she saw Massie later on.

The Pretty Committee and the boys walked over to where she was standing with a woman, a man, and………Nick.

“Girls, these are the Thompsons.  Isabella and Daniel, and their son Nick.  They just moved here last week so I invited them to introduce them to some people.  Isabella, Daniel, Nick, this is Massie, my daughter and her friends.  Alicia, Dylan, Kristen and Claire.  These are their boyfriends, Landon, Josh, Derrick and Cam.  They go to the same school as you, Nick, well except for Landon.” Kendra explained.

The Pretty Committee waved and Nick looked at all of them, but his eyes lingered on Kristen.

“Hey.” Derrick said.

“Hey.” Nick said back and smiled.

“So………I need to use the ladies room.  Leesh, Dyl, Claire, come with me.” Massie said with a twinkle in her eyes as she winked at Kristen.

“Yeah and we have to…uhhhh………” Cam started to say but got interrupted.

“We need some fresh air.  We’re going to go outside for a bit.” Landon said as he and the boys headed for the door, leaving Kristen and Nick alone.

“And then there were two.” Nick said.  “Did I do something wrong?”

“No, don’t worry about it.” Kristen said smiling.

“So I noticed that there was five of you, but only four guys.  Anything happen?” Nick asked.

“Ummmm.” Kristen said looking at her nails awkwardly.

“Sorry, look I didn’t mean to pry.” Nick said trying to make eye contact with her.

“No.  It’s fine.  My last relationship ended badly where my ex cheated on me.” Kristen said, glancing upward to his face.

“Whew!  That makes it way easier.” Nick said looking relieved.  “I mean I’m sorry to hear that.”

“What do you mean, way easier?” Kristen asked eyeing him suspiciously.

“Well, if you really want to know, it makes it way easier to ask you out without a boyfriend being there.” Nick grinned.  “Wanna dance?”

Kristen giggled. “I’ve been waiting for you to ask all night.”


Okay so I have no idea why I didn’t do this earlier, but I have finally decided to post face claims of the guys!

Landon Crane is going to be portrayed by………………………………Chace Crawford!!! ♥  I know that Landon is supposed to be blond, but I just couldn’t help it 😉

Don’t you just luv him!!! ;D

Josh Hotz is going to be portrayed by……………………………………Josh Bowman!  Such a coincidence, I know, I didn’t mean it.  But he does look quite good with Samantha Boscarino (no offense Emily VanCamp!  I love that you guys are dating!)  And I am a huge fan of Revenge 🙂

Derrick (Derrington) is going to be portrayed by………………………Alex Pettyfer!  You might not know him but he plays Freddie in Wild Child.  He is british, but his face just suits this character so well 🙂

Cam Fisher is going to be played by………………………Niall Horan!  Big fan of One Direction, if any of you new comers didn’t know.  He just has that sweet romantic feeling like Cam does.  And I just had to have a One Direction member in it!

And for new comer Nick Thompson, I want him to be……………………………Shane Harper!!!  I found that it was just so perfect since for Kristen, I switch between Blake Lively and Bridgit Mendler, and Bridgit and Shane are actually dating!  His songs are ah-mazing as well.  My fave is Rocketship:


Okay so that ends this post.   Please vote in the monthly polls page!!!

You know you love us,

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Wow that is a lot!  But they are all ah-mazing!  Check out their blogs!